About Us

Historically, food pantries across the state have lacked the ability to provide consistent high-quality protein to the families they serve. There is an immense need for fresh meat at these food pantries. The mission of Horns 4 Hope is to provide protein, in the form of quality ground beef, to families and individuals who need it most.

We utilize cattle that are no longer productive on the ranch or in the arena, to provide a much-needed resource. All cuts are ground, which provides a fresh, quality protein source. This meat is then donated to the food pantries for distribution. Our goal is to collaborate with individuals, businesses, ranchers, rodeo families and volunteers to contribute to the well-being of any of our neighbors in need. This can be accomplished through donations of cattle, hay, feed, pasture, cattle processing fees or monetary donations.

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Our Team

Jeff Horwedel

Founder, President

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Kim Horwedel

Founder, Treasurer

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Jessee Horwedel

Marketing Director

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Lindsey Horwedel, DDS


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Chase Lewis

Board of Directors

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Jake Horwedel

Board of Directors

Mark Langevin, DVM

Board of Directors

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Our Cooperative Partners

io ranch processing

mineral wells Center of Life

Gordon Community Food Pantry

River of life- eastland 

meals on wheels- santo

First Baptist Church Santo

Lipan Community Food Pantry

Ruth's Place- Granbury
Morgan Mill United Methodist Church

peaster isd food pantry

Harmony Baptist Church

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